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    I am getting myself organised for the workshop happening in Painswick on Wednesday.

    As ever, I know that I am going to learn as much from those attending as hopefully they may learn from the workshop. There are a couple of spare places if you would like to come along.

    Everyone's experience of death is different and the insights offered on the workshops are always a revelation.

    Ideas about funerals vary tremendously and hearing about them can make our own views come into sharp focus.

    Thinking about, talking about and experiencing the death of someone we loved or who was a really good friend, is never easy, but, this act of sharing nearly always makes us feel better. Every time we offer a snippet of information about someone who has died, the person listening often helps us just by that act of listening but also by affirming how we feel, they may have felt it too.

    I am in my office looking out onto the garden, where a small clump of snowdrops are delicately bobbing in the breeze. In the language of flowers they represent hope, just what we need on this cold soggy February day.

    I must get back to work now as I can't earn a living by "stopping and staring"...if you know how to do let me know!

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the services I offer or would like to come on Wednesdays workshop.

    Best wishes,

    Su Chard.

    Here's a wonderful poem that may resonate with some of you, when considering what to use at a funeral:

    Late Fragment.

    And did you get what

    you wanted from this life, even so?

    I did.

    And what did you want?

    To call myself beloved, to feel myself

    beloved on the earth.

    Raymond Carver


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